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Bourbon cocktail, mint julep, on a tray with ice and mint leaves on a tray
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Cocktails With Bourbon

In this article, we will provide you with many great bourbon cocktails that are world-renowned, as well as a brief history, what bourbon is, and other things relating to bourbon! What Is Bourbon? Bourbon is a type of liquor that falls under the whiskey category. It is very similar to […]

a lemon drop martini with a lime on the rim of the glass on a tray
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Recipe For A Lemon Drop

This article will show you the recipe for a lemon drop martini. As vodka becomes a more attractive liquor, so do vodka cocktails. This cocktail is very popular among people who are into sour cocktails. Below is the recipe for this sweet and sour drink. Here’s What You’re Going to […]

labor union members protesting against prohibition in new jersey carrying signs saying "we want beer"
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The History Of Beer

The history of beer is a very uncharted story. Throughout time, beer has become a very popular alcoholic beverage that dates back thousands of years ago. It has a very low ABV compared to other drinks such as Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, and other liquors. There are many different styles and […]

a vodka soda with limes on the side of the glass.
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How to Make A Vodka Soda

When you are in the mixed vodka drinks category, a vodka soda is at the top of that list. It is by far one of the most famous combinations when mixing something into your cocktail. This drink is perfect for anyone watching their calories as the soda is just sparkling […]