blue dolphin martini recipe on a wooden table with ice cubes around it.
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How to Make a Blue Dolphin Martini

Introducing the blue dolphin martini! This eye-catcher is one for the books with its dark blue colour and strong effects! Combining three unique alcohol drinks into one creates the trifecta needed to make this tasty martini!

blue dolphin martini recipe in a martini glass.

What You’re Going To Need

Ingredients Needed:

  • Vodka
  • Blue Curacao
  • Peach Schnapps

Equipment Needed:

  • Cocktail Shaker and/or Mixing Glass
  • Jigger or Shot Glass
  • Cocktail or Martini Glass

Blue Dolphin Martini Recipe

blue dolphin martini recipe.

Blue Dolphin Martini

A powerful vodka martini that is a lovely shade of blue.
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
Course: Drinks, Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: alcoholic drink, blue dolphin martini, blue dolphin martini recipe, cocktail recipe
Servings: 1
Calories: 147kcal
Cost: 2.50


  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Jigger and/or Shot Glass
  • Cocktail/Martini Glass
  • Mixing Glass


  • 1 & 1/2 Ounce Vodka
  • 1/3 Ounce Blue Curacao
  • 1/3 Ounce Peach Schnapps
  • Ice Cubes


  • First, add ice cubes to a mixing glass or cocktail shaker.
    a bartender is pouring ice into a shaker over top of a table
  • Then add the Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Peach Schnapps. Stir or Shake.
    bartender mixing a cocktail using a shaker over top of a prep table
  • After mixing together the liquids, pour them into a chilled cocktail/martini glass.
    blue dolphin martini recipe on a wooden table with ice cubes around it.
  • Cheers!



Calories: 147kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Sodium: 1mg | Sugar: 4g
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Recipe Notes and FAQs

Why use a mixing glass?

The reason to use a mixing glass in this scenario would be to make multiple drinks in one go! If you watch the video attached to this recipe you will see them making enough for multiple drinks at once! Just increase the proportions by the same ratio as they are listed in the recipe.

I don’t have Peach Schnapps, what can I substitute with?

Peach vodka is a good alternative, you will still get the nice peachy flavour, but beware this will cause the drink to be stronger due to the added alchohol content in the vodka.

Recipe Size Conversion

Making this drink for a party or a group of people? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Input how many drinks you would like to make and we’ll do the calculations for you!

History of the Blue Dolphin Martini

This martini was created in more recent years. There really is not a lot of information on the creator or the origins of the drink that we could come up with. The only thing we do know is it originated in the United States and since then, North Americans have been enjoying it ever since!

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