Bourbon cocktail, mint julep, on a tray with ice and mint leaves on a tray
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Cocktails With Bourbon

In this article, we will provide you with many great bourbon cocktails that are world-renowned, as well as a brief history, what bourbon is, and other things relating to bourbon!

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What Is Bourbon?

Bourbon is a type of liquor that falls under the whiskey category. It is very similar to whiskey, and the main difference between the two liquors is the production of it. Bourbon is made using corn in the mash or at least mostly corn in the mash, whereas whiskey can be made using barley (most of the time), wheat, or other grains. By using corn instead of other substances, such as barley or wheat, the distiller creates a more unique taste.

Best Bourbons and Bourbon Cocktails

bourbon bottle with rope tied around it and jar lids on table

Famous Bourbon Cocktails

  • Manhatten- The ‘manhatten’ is a very popular international drink that has been around for years. This cocktail can be made using rye-whiskey, whiskey, or bourbon.
  • Old Fashioned- The ‘old fashioned’ is another big hit when it comes to bourbon cocktails. Similar to other whiskey cocktails, this beverage can be made using rye-whiskey, or bourbon.
  • Bourbon Sour- The good old ‘bourbon (whiskey) sour’ is an all-time favourite within the drinking community, especially with the younger generation. Most people use whiskey for this cocktail, but some desire a different taste which is where the bourbon comes in.
  • Mint Julep- The ‘mint julep’ is a cocktail that should defiantly be mixed with bourbon. This drink is very sharp and minty, it is known to be a Kentucky delight.
  • Kentucky Mule- The ‘kentucky mule’ is a rewrite of the moscow mule. The difference is that the vodka in the moscow mule is switched with bourbon, turning it into a kentucky mule.
  • Boulevardier- The ‘boulevardier’ is another drink that has a brother, the negroni, the difference is, once again, swapping gin this time, for bourbon. This cocktail has a sweet taste and a good kick.
  • Hot Toddy- The ‘hot toddy’ is perfect for when you’re sick. This cocktail has lemon juice, honey, and herbs mixed in which will give you a buzz and help cure your cold at the same time!
  • New York Sour- The ‘new york sour’ is a copy of the bourbon sour, but this beverage includes a hint of red wine to add some unique flavour.
  • Brown Derby- The ‘brown derby’ is a sour-tasting cocktail with a hint of honey. This drink originated in the 1900s and is only for drinkers who like a sour-tasting kick.
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Top 10 Bourbons to make cocktails with

Here is a list of some of the most promising Bourbon liquors:

  1. Heaven Hill Green Label
  2. Jim Bean
  3. Watershed
  4. Black Maple
  5. Buffalo Trace
  6. Evan Williams Black Label
  7. Four Roses Yellow Label
  8. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
  9. Blanton’s
  10. Woodford Reserve

Bourbon History

The invention of bourbon is thought to have originated in southern America, particularly somewhere in Louisiana. The name “bourbon” was not applied to this alcohol until sometime in the mid to late 1800s, although some experts say it dates back hundreds of years ago to the Europeans. Because of the undocumented history, no one knows who the true creator of bourbon was. There are many legends and myths about some possible inventors, like Elijah Craig, which is the most popular one. This story explains how Craig invented many things such as the fulling mill, paper mill, and ropewalk.

old bourbon street sign in louisiana, new orleans, outside on pole

Origin Of Name

Bourbon has only recently developed as its own liquor in the past 200 years. So, nobody truly knows where the inspiration for the name “bourbon” came from, but, most people think it could have been derived from “Bourbon County” which is located in Kentucky, while others say it comes from a New Orleans street named, Bourbon Street.

Bourbon cocktail, mint julep, on a tray with ice and mint leaves on a tray

Bourbon Liquor Facts

  • As long as the liquor was made with at least 51% corn, then it is considered bourbon
  • About 95% of bourbon is made in Kentucky
  • Must be bottled with proof ranging from 80-160
  • Thomas Jefferson loved his bourbon!
  • Bourbon barrels can only be used once
  • Un-aged bourbon is called “white dog”
  • It was used as medicine in World War II

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